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L’ACR88 è un versatile lettore portatile di smart card fornito di tastiera, schermo LCD, LED bi-color e cicalino. Può ospitare una memoria non-volatile per dare un supporto migliore al vostro sistema. In aggiunta, la sua memoria consente applicazioni future del firmware e miglioramenti che garantiscono contro l'obsolescenza della tecnologia.

ACR88 Handheld Portable Reader Software Development Kit

ACR88 is a versatile handheld portable reader, having a built-in keypad, LCD, bi-color LED and buzzer features. It can also host the feature of non-volatile memory to give better support to your system. In addition, its on-board memory enables future firmware and application enhancements that guarantee against obsolescence.

ACR88 is designed for multi-applications, e.g. loyalty and healthcare. It is capable of performing secure authentication, displaying rich information from the card and conducting online or offline transactions.

ACR88 is also programmable through ACR88 ScriptBuilder. Developers can now quickly build their own standalone applications according to easy-to-use and well-defined script commands provided by ACS. With ACR88, you can have full rein of realizing the limitless possibilities which your application will bring.

The ACR88 Handheld Portable Software Development Kit (ACR88 SDK) enables effective development of customized applications and systems by using smart cards, card readers, and PCs. It can serve as an ideal training and development tool for those who are interested in knowing smart card technologies.


ACR88 SDK contents:
ACR88 Handheld Portable Smart Card Reader
  • Dual operation modes:
    • PC-linked: powered through USB
    • Standalone: powered through 3x AAA batteries
  • Accepts ISO-7816 Class A, B (5V & 3V) cards: 2 full-size cards and 3 SAM cards
  • Supports Memory-based smart cards (synchronous interfaces)
  • Ergonomic and highly durable keypad
  • Easy-to-read, graphical LCD with backlight
  • Monotone buzzer with software controlled ON/OFF
  • 3 bi-color LED
  • Real-time clock (RTC) with independent backup battery
  • Field upgradeable for firmware (requires a firmware upgrade cable)
  • User Programmable for standalone program by using easy-to-use script commands
  • Support Secure PIN Entry (SPE)
  • Tamper detection switch which acts as an indicator if there is any unauthorized intrusion
  • Hand-held size and weight
  • (Optional) Non-volatile memory for font storage
10 Test Cards
  • 5 ACOS3 24Kbyte Microprocessor-based cards
  • 5 ACOS6 8Kbytes SAM cards
  • 1 Detachable USB cable
  • 1 Firmware upgrade cable (For firmware upgrade only)
  • 1 Leather case for better protection
  • Software drivers
    • supports Windows 98, Me, 2000, and XP
  • Demo programs
    • Multi-application Demo - demonstrates how the ACR88 device is used in real-world applications. It is a 3-part demo which includes the e-purse, healthcare card and taxi meter applications.
    • Functional Demo - demonstrates different API functions of the ACR88 device: e.g. Port, Device, LCD, Key Pad, Real-Time Clock, etc.
    • Taxi Payment Stand-alone Demo
    • Traffic Violation Stand-alone Demo
  • Tools & Utilities
    • CardTool - allows you to sedd commands to any PC/SC compliant smart card reader, and to any ISO 7816 T=0 compliant smart card.
    • PCSC learning - teaches you how to use the PC/SC APIs step-by-step and what parameters to use
    • QuickView - checks for proper driver installation
    • SmartFlash - allows you to upgrade the firmware version of the ACR88 device
    • ACR88 ScriptBuilder - allows you to create, compile and download scripts to the ACR88 device.
  • Sample Codes
    • demonstrates certain features of the ACR88 reader, e.g. Keypad, LED, LCD and Real Time Clock functions, and ACOS, memory and SAM cards
    • Delphi, Visual Basic, V.B.NET, Visual C++ & C#
  • Reference Manuals
  • Technical Specifications