HID® Lumidigm® M-Series Fingerprint Modules

HID Lumidign
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Modulo compatto e durevole per l'integrazione, con usabilità multispettrale e rilevazione del liveness

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Time & attendance terminals and physical access control devices must work for real people. When you need to know who starts a work shift or who enters a building, you need patented multispectral fingerprint imaging from HID Global.

The Lumidigm® M-Series Fingerprint Module outperforms conventional technologies while delivering usability, high-performance liveness detection and reliable biometric 1:1 matching and 1:N searching for real-world applications. Integrate M-Series fingerprint modules into your devices to:

  • Improve productivity — Multispectral fingerprint imaging works in all environments, consistently capturing high-quality fingerprint images even when the finger is dry, wet, dirty or in strong light.
  • Strengthen security — Prevent fraudulent use of fake or stolen biometric data with high-performance liveness detection.
  • Deliver matching accuracy — Be confident that only legitimate users are authenticated with reliable 1:1 matching and 1:N search.

M-Series modules bring proven multispectral fingerprint imaging to demanding yet cost-sensitive applications, with development tools that help speed your time to market.

Lumidigm® M-Series Fingerprint Modules deliver proven multispectral fingerprint authentication, outperforming competitive fingerprint technologies, especially if users’ fingers are dry, wet or dirty.

Key features:

  • Multispectral fingerprint imaging provides reliable capture for real-world productivity
  • Enhanced liveness detection prevents use of fake or stolen biometric data (M32x)
  • Top-ranked MINEX III algorithm supports 1:1 matching and 1:N searches up to 5000 users
  • USB and RS-232 serial interfaces
  • Biometric processing on device (M32x) or on USB host (M31x)
  • SDK 6 provides updated tools for integrators, improving reliability and performance

When knowing “who” matters, affordable and compact M-Series fingerprint modules are easily integrated into your device to deliver productivity, security and accuracy for your real-world applications