About us



BADGEDOC is an independent organization that furnishes services, products and projects for the Card & Document Management, it is composed from professionals that they put in the foreground the interest of the Customer.
The specific competences matured during a long period of time and a consolidated relationship with reliable Italian and international firms allow us to furnish the best solutions, also maintaining very advantageous global conditions.
Our main target is the constant commitment to find applications using new technologies: chip cards and contactless cards, smartphone, IoT (Internet of Things), etc.
BADGEDOC offers consultation and solutions to reach the objectives that resolve the demands of the Client.
The choice of the card and the technology, the choice of the sublimation thermal printer and the software of management, the choice of the reader can be submitted to BADGEDOC with the awareness that the competences acquired in the time will be used in the exclusive interest of the Client.
BADGEDOC furnishes more typologies of card: ID badge, club card, member card, access control, loyalty card, etc..
For the following applications:
  •             Banks
  •             Insurances
  •             Public and private firms
  •             University
  •             Club
  •             Business centers
  •             Fitness
  •             Video rent
  •             Companies of transports
  •             Hotels
  •             Fast food